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10 € / entry

Be charmed by a world full of calmness and relaxation. Rest in comfort with life-partners, friends, or family in the area of our hotel Relax center which is opened daily from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

from 16:00 to 18:00
from 18:00 to 20:00
from 20:00 to 22:00

reservations required at +421 32 743 43 53
It is so easy to relax with us after a hard day. We offer the following services:.

  • massage and relaxing whirlpool
  • resting chill-out area with beds
  • sauna world
  • salt cave
  • a single entry includes: saunas (steam, hot, salt cave, whirlpool, cooling tub)

Our guests have a wide choice of various massages performed by our well-trained and skilled employees with long-term experiences. Prices starting at 10€.
We also offer entrance to spa in complete privacy starting at 30€.
Present your close ones, family with relaxation and rest in form of our gift vouchers. Take a look at the complete Relax center price list including the gift vouchers here.: Click here.




CLASSIC MASSAGE –the basis of all massages.
Health is considered one of the top-priority values of a man and it is a massage itself that serves as a means of strengthening one’s health, its active enhancement and further refinement. It is beneficial for reducing stress and alleviates depression and anxiety:

  • lessens muscle tension
  • encourages regular sleep and piece
  • stimulates blood circulation and speeds up excretion of harmful substances
  • cleans up from toxic substances
  • slows down the aging process
  • rejuvenates and makes complexion more elastic
  • activates the movement of lymph, water, and blood
  • regulates and betters the function of body organs
  • turns negative energy “SHA” into positive “CHI”
  • balances Jing and Jang in one’s organism.
Reflexology is one of the most effective methods of natural treatments. It has all-purpose use and it brings on deep relaxation. It relieves stress and supports regeneration of self-healing capabilities of our body. Reflexology is a totally safe, non-invasive cure which uses the principle of pressure treatment on reflexive points and body areas. Thus, through the reflexive passages, the massage affects the whole body and supports the harmonization of body and soul. The main contribution of a reflexive massage is lessening of tension and relaxation, improving of blood circulation, renewing of blocked nervous system functioning, creation of homeostasis among all bodily functions. The most important thing is that through this type of massage we can indirectly affect other parts of a body without actually physically touching them. Reflexive foot massage uses the idea that the whole body is depictured on one’s foot. As the individual points and areas are stroked and pushed, one’s muscles, joints, and organs are affected. This type of massage is aimed at stimulation and activation of all important vital systems
Lymph massage is a method proven over many years to help brisk up lymph system as well as prevent and cure cellulites. The whole treatment is an enjoyable and relaxing experience, has detoxication effects and is suitable for almost every age category. By undergoing the procedure, you will do a lot for your look as well as for your health. What exactly is lymph massage? Lymph massage makes use of the most current medical knowledge regarding the human lymph system and its importance for one’s health. The correct lymph system functioning is vital for us since it makes sure that harmful substances, salt, dead cells, proteins, fats, and toxins leave our body. Due to lack of exercise and incorrect diet, however, the movement of lymph is slowed down and one’s body is clogged with harmful substances. These have a direct effect on cellulites creation, over-watering, edema, and heavy-legs feeling. Manual lymph massage is a safe and effective method used to restart one’s lymph system not only in aesthetic medicine but also as a part of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. With the help of moving pressure wave, it stimulates the drawing off of the harmful substances, regeneration of lymph movement and activates the lymph system. With reactivation of the lymph system, all built-up harmful substances get back to the blood circulation and then are naturally drained out of one’s body. This helps body deaquation, its detoxication and a slight weight loss. Lymph massage presents an invaluable help when fighting cellulites and leg swelling. The massage is also used as a varices prevention
Special lava stones, which excellently accumulate heat, work toward the release of effective substances which aid faster regeneration. These stones harmonize human body, remove negative energy, eliminate muscle pain, enhance blood circulation, and facilitate detoxication. This type of massage is not recommended to people easily irritable by heat, suffering from high blood pressure, being in a post-op period, with infectious diseases and pregnant women. 
CUPPING THERAPY Thanks to its simple and effective method of treatment, cupping massage therapy is once again gaining a place in the modern world of healing. Simply put, a cupping therapy is based on the practices of Chinese therapy of attaching glass cups to affected spots. Cupping as a healing method dates back to Middle Ages. During its development, it has undergone many modifications. In today's form, cupping is no longer "drastic". Physiotherapists use wet and dry cupping therapy during which people often reach a state of deep relaxation. The basic principle of cupping is to create vacuum and suction to achieve solid muscle relaxation, tissue congestion, increased hydration, excess fluid and toxin outflow through the opening of lymphatic pathways. Glass cups of different size are applied to the skin heated by warm air inside and the vacuum is created by cooling this warm air. at the Cupping massage therapy provides A refreshing feeling as well as an in-depth level of healing through stimulation of the nervous system. It stimulates the skin by increasing blood circulation and feeding oxygen to affected spots, separates tissue layers and drains lymph nodes. This way it creates a smooth look and healthy shine of the skin. However, its benefits for human body are much wider. It relieves muscular tension and stimulates removal of blood clots in tissues and organs.  
Skin impact: The vacuum created in the glass cups affects hair follicles and widens the blood vessels. Striking the skin with cups accelerates tissue metabolism, improving the activity of the intestines and sebaceous glands.
  Muscle impact: Each stroke causes the blood vessels to activate in the muscles to achieve relaxation of the muscle tissue. Tight and painful body parts are gradually released. Impact on joints: Cupping therapy is the best way to treat rheumatism. It increases the secretion of synovial fluid needed to produce the lubricant in the joints, as well as blood circulation. It improves functionality and mobility of both joints and muscles. Cupping massage therapy definitely has its place in today's world of modern healing methods, so do not hesitate to try it out on your own body